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cake talk.

Updates on meet-ups, news about the pastry world of Paris and cake titbits

15 Jul 2017

Antonin Careme was the maestro of the haute cuisine revolution that happened with the rise of the French burgeoisie after the fall of the monarchy. We have him to thank for the magnificent centrepieces, the mille feuille, the charlotte, the nougat among other things. Most importantly he was a prolific writer and shared his culinary secrets as well as documented thoroughly the haute cuisine processes for the future generation...

5 Jul 2017

A fun competition for mums in Paris to raise awareness of the #itsfuntoshare campaign aiming at helping them forge friendships in the city using cake as a social medium

12 Jun 2017

The annual festival on rue du Bac celebrating the merchants of the area, especially the patissiers. This year the festival is dedicated to the use of pepper in pastry

16 May 2017

How did the legendary gateau Saint Honoré come about? And why does it have its own celebration day?

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