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Hi my name is Nadia. Life has never been dull; it seems I always crave change. I've been a neuroscientist. I've been a marketeer. Now I am in social media management. I am also a mum. I lived half my life abroad and the latest adventure brought me to Paris.
Moving here with a young toddler was harder than I expected. I had heard that little people don't like change but what I wasn't prepared for was a full-blown meltdown that lasted for four months. My 3 year old was so disturbed by the move, that I literally had to cuddle her for the best part of the day, unable to go out, let alone leave her room. My only source of pleasure was virtual engagement with other expat mums in social media and the exquisite gateaux, giving me an instant hit of escapism and much-needed energy, and for that I am grateful to the patissiers of Paris.   

Now that we finally came out of that freaky phase and reached some normality, it seemed only fit that I pay it forward by sharing my gems of patisseries, cafes and other finds with other newcomers, especially women who, like me, need some TLC. Because starting over in another country is really hard, made even harder if perpetually lost in translation without a support network or having the extra responsibility of taking care of a family. So why not bring women from different backgrounds together, with the common need to find their tribe in the city of lights, using cake as a social medium? Cake does taste better when shared after all! And hey presto, Cake Sans Frontiers was born.

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