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The school is over. Competition time for mums in Paris!!

It's been about 2 months since I started blogging about cake in Paris and it has been quite an adventure! When I started, my intention was purely to create an information trail for anyone in Paris looking for good treats to use to their benefit without having to do all the research. I didn't have any expectations beyond releasing the information into the internet ether. I embarked on this journey to beat the isolation that most foreigners face in their first year in any new country. As you can imagine, cake is one of the easiest forms of self care under such circumstances. Since not much relevant information exists in English my goal was to remove the language barrier and make good patisseries and cafes easily accessible to the english-speaking community in Paris. Et voila! Cake Sans Frontiers was born, attempting to make Parisian bakes accessible without any barriers; national, linguistic or cultural.

To my amazement within 2 months I had 400 followers on instagram! But even more amazingly some fellow expat mums I interacted with virtually asked if we could meet up for coffee and cake! And then a few more! It seems cake tastes better when shared after all. And all of a sudden I got to know a few people in Paris. I started calling the experience Cake And Le City 😂as it had all the fun of dates with girlfriends but with cakes instead of cosmopolitans. But it didn't stop there. Then some locals started engaging with me on social platforms over cake. I discovered a whole community of cake-heads in the city who are very welcoming to newcomers like me even though I don't blog in French. I got great tips from them on where to go and which desserts to try. I met some of them in real life. Out of nowhere I became part of a tribe.

Armed with the confidence that cake works as a social medium I decided to launch a fun competition to spread the word that #itsfuntoshare . It's fun to reach out to people and arrange a cake and coffee date. What's the worse that can happen? Having a drink and a treat in a nice cafe is non-threatening. And even if you find there is not much to talk about after all, you can still fill in the awkward silences with mouthfuls of cake 😂 To make it even easier to engage I'll be giving away TWO boxes with 10 surprise caramels from Karamel Paris that is quickly gaining a reputation for being one of the best new patisseries in town. If you win, you can keep these chunky toffees all to yourself, or call your bestie over for a caramel party or reach out to someone you wish to get to know better and ask them out for coffee and toffees! Follow the instructions on Facebook on how to enter. Good luck!!

Here are the caramels likely to feature in the winners' surprise boxes.

Here are the Terms and Conditions of the competition.

How to Enter

1.1. To join in the campaign entrants will need to comment directly on the facebook competition post with the hashtag #itsfuntoshare and their answer to the quiz proposed in the post.

1.2. The winners will be selected randomly using a competition software and will be announced on Monday the 31st July 2017.

When to Enter and Who can Enter

2.1. The Competition opens on Wednesday the 5th July 2017 and closes on Sunday the 30th July 2017.

2.2. Entrants can enter at any point between these dates

2.3. Entrants can only enter the Competition once, but can like, share, comment, tweet and RT as many times as they like

2.4. The Competition is only open to mums of any nationality living in Paris aged 21 or over, excluding agents of Cake Sans Frontiers and anyone connected with the administration of the Competition.

2.5 Automated or bulk entries from third parties will be disqualified.


3.1. The Prize for winning the competition is a box of 10 assorted caramels from Karamel Paris of the value of 14 euros. There will be 2 boxes for 2 winners.

3.2. The Prizes will be delivered in person or sent by courier depending on the location of the winners. The delivery can be scheduled at a time convenient to the recipients.

3.3. The Prizes are as stated and they cannot be sold or exchanged for cash, goods or services.

Data Protection and Publicity

4.1. You consent to your name and image being disclosed on Cake Sans Frontiers digital channels or other media without additional compensation or prior notice if you win any Prizes under the Competition

4.2. Any personal data relating to participants will be used solely in accordance with current data protection legislation. By entering the Competition, you agree that Cake Sans Frontiers may contact you in relation to the Competition

4.3. Competition winners will be contacted by Cake Sans Frontiers. You must provide accurate contact details on notification.

Liability and Indemnities

5.1. Cake Sans Frontiers and its associated companies and agents and distributors exclude responsibility and all liabilities, whether direct or indirect, arising from:

6.1.1. any postponement or cancellation of the Competition;

6.1.2. any changes to, supply of or use of the Prize; and

6.1.3. any act or default of any supplier, which are beyond Cake Sans Frontiers’ reasonable control.

5.2. Cake Sans Frontiers does not accept responsibility for any liability arising from technical incompatibility, problems relating to the internet, or technical difficulties of any kind.

5.3. By entering this contest, you agree to a complete release of Facebook from all liability in connection with this competition. This competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

5.4. By entering this contest, you agree to a complete release of Karamel Paris from all liability in connection with this competition. This competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Karamel Paris.

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